Poppy Bensberg

Poppy was a summer project student working on the blood brain barrier of zebrafish. After her project Poppy completed her BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Sheffield and is now doing clever things with IT as a Technology Graduate at John Lewis.

Richard Hotham

Richard was BMedSci student (an intercalated research degree as part of Medical School) working in the pathogenesis of cryptococcosis and the role of immune suppression. Richard achieved a first class degree for his BMedSci research. Richard is graduating from his medical degree next year and is hoping to complete an academic medicine foundation course as part of his junior doctor training. 

Katie Miller

Katie was BMedSci student working on the role of cryptococcal capsule in the inhibition of phagocytosis during infection. Katie gave a talk on her work at the British Society of Medical Mycology meeting and achieved both a first class degree and the presentation prize for her BMedSci research. She graduated from medicine last year and is now a junior doctor in Sheffield.

Ruby Mathews

Ruby was a masters student in the lab working on the mechanism of cryptococcal capsule blocking of immune recognition and phagocytosis. 

 Joey Abrams

Joey was BMedSci student working on the relative virulence of neonatal candidiasis strains in a zebrafish model. Joey achieved an upper second class degree for his BMedSci research. Joey has returned to medical school to complete his medical degree. He is the only person we've met who has been a bee keeper, chef and undertaker's assistant. 

 Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis was our Research Assistant while Aleks was on maternity leave. Amy established all our zebrafish flow cytometry work. Happily Amy is still around as she has moved to the Elks Lab. Amy likes to make stained glass and greatly enriches our lives through her knowledge of ales. 

 Charlotte Wynn

Charlotte was a summer project student on a Society of General Mircobiology Harry Smith Scholarship. Charlotte started our work on Cryptococcus and Dictyostelium discoideum amoebae. Charlotte was gone back to the third year of her four year Biochemistry MSci.

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